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2,500 partners

Over 2,500 partners in Russia and



61,000 solutions 

61,000 solutions sold in Russia and several foreign countries 


4.5 million users 

4.5 million users work on networks where our solutions are deployed


Top 20  

Smart-Soft is a member of the Top 20 security vendors in Russia  

Confidence in Tomorrow

13 years

13 years of expertise in IT security

Professional status

Member of two associations

Expert member of ARPP National soft and Russoft

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Smart-Soft is always open to cooperation and partnership. We are happy to any of your questions. 

Smart-Soft Ltd.

15 Sapozhkovyh Street

Kolomna, 140408

Russian Federation

Tel: +7 495 77 55 991

Fax: +7 496 61 55 057 (ext. 235)

E-mail: info@smart-soft.ru

Website: www.smart-soft.ru/en


Smart-Soft welcomes any questions and comments about the Company, its software products, solutions and technical support. You can contact us using this form.




  • andrey-davidivich.png
    Andrei Davidovich
  • Andrei Davidovich

    Chief Executive Officer


    Andrei Davidovich graduated with honors from Moscow State Open University with a degree in Company Management.

    Davidovich is CEO and co-owner of Market, a research and consulting agency founded in 1998. Areas of professional expertise: Management and Marketing.


  • vaidas-damoshyavichus.png
    Vaidas Damoshyavichus
    Chief technology officer
  • tatyana-medova.png
    Tatyana Medova
    Executive Director
  • aleksandre-yamashkin.png
    Alexander Yamashkin
    Lead programmer and head of developer team
  • Vaidas Damosevicius

    Chief Technology Officer


    Vaidas Damosevicius has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, including more than 10 years in management positions as technical director and director of information security. Damosevicius worked his way up from system administrator to program developer to the position of director. He has helped found Internet service providers, business enterprises, and IT departments at leading European companies.

    Areas of professional expertise: building IT infrastructure from scratch, design and development of high-performance network systems, security systems, protocols for delivery of video and audio content, development process management, supervising.


  • Tatyana Medova

    Executive Director


    Tatyana Medova graduated with honors from the Moscow State Regional Social-Humanitarian Institute (formerly Kolomna State Pedagogical Institute) with a degree in philology and linguistics. She started out at Smart-Soft as PR manager, and in February 2011 she became head of the sales department. In May 2014 she was appointed Executive Director of Smart-Soft.

    Areas of professional expertise: operational management, processes and interactions.


  • Alexander Yamashkin

    Lead programmer and head of developer team


    Alexander Yamashkin graduated from the Ryazan State Radio Engineering University with a degree in Computer Aided Design. He worked his way up from programmer to head of the development department.

    Areas of professional expertise: software development, management.