• 01/03/2017   Looking Back at 2016: in the right place at the right time with the right software
    The past year was difficult for Russia in every sense of the word, but we are grateful that 2016 gave us a green light to move forward, showing us niches that were ignored by foreign vendors and highlighting our products’ advantages. The government’s strategic focus on import substitution helped Smart-Soft reinforce its position in the software market and continue to develop new solutions that anticipate our clients’ needs.

    Our biggest success of the year was Traffic Inspector Next Generation. Next Generation is not just an update for our flagship Traffic Inspector – it’s an entirely new product with a new approach to internet safety (traffic is prohibited by default, with individual permissions set for each user) and an expansive array of tools. We created Next Generation when we realized that government agencies have a critical need for internet safety software that does not make them dependent on foreign developers.

    Traffic Inspector Next Generation comes in a range of sizes, from S (up to 100 users) to L (over 10,000 users). It’s based on СПО and features clustering. Because it supports ICAP, Traffic Inspector Next Generation is easy to integrate with third-party anti-viruses and DLP systems. We’ve made it as easy as possible to use our solution with almost any infrastructure to help clients avoid expensive hardware upgrades.

    Stable Stream is another 2016 success story. We designed the transport protocol to offer guaranteed delivery of video content over unstable channels and long distances. Stable Stream makes it possible to broadcast signals internationally without building up an expensive network of forwarding servers.

    Both Traffic Inspector Next Generation and Stable Stream were included in the domestic software registry. At present, all of our products are undergoing certification under the new Federal Service for Technical and Export Control requirements that went into effect on December 1, 2016. The Service has responded with positive findings, and we expect to receive the certificates soon.
    The past year saw dramatic changes in the development and demand for domestic software. With foreign vendors prevented from lobbying for their products, we saw new orders come in from leading businesses and government agencies, including: Gazprom, Rostelecom, the Udmurt Republic Ministry for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, the Engineering Center for Administration under the Republic of Kazakhstan Parliament, Multifunctional Centers of Dagestan, the Rostov-on-Don Regional Duma, the Kostroma Municipal Administration, the Rybakov Foundation and Krasnodar University under the Russian Federation Ministry of Interior Affairs.

    We also gained a number of new partners in 2016, including Depo Computers, Lenovo and InfoTeCS. These relationships have already resulted in successful joint projects, including the hardware platforms for Traffic Inspector Next Generation (Depo Computers, Lenovo) and comprehensive internet safety solutions for government agencies (InfoTeCS).

    Andrey Davidovich,
    CEO of Smart-Soft:

    “We have always been proactive about offering clients a little more than they expect, and that strategy is working. As of the end of 2016, Smart-Soft is one of the top 20 developers in the internet security market in Russia. That’s serious progress, but we have even more ambitious plans: over the medium-term, Smart-Soft is working to gain 50-70% of the market for FSTEC-certified UTMs or firewalls.

    “Smart-Soft’s business model anticipates the growing global need for independence and security. We are already responding to the government’s call to expand the nation’s intellectual and innovative potential, and we are confident that over the coming decade Russia’s IT industry will become a key exporter of software solutions to the world. Last year showed us that, despite the difficulties, anything is possible.

    “We wish our employees, partners, clients and colleagues a Happy New Year! May 2017 be a year of new opportunities and new successes!”
  • 01/11/2016   2015 Results

    This year, Smart-Soft hired an exciting new team to bring to market two novel products that will become the core of our line next year. We have had a successful year this year. We gained Microsoft Silver Partner status and became the only Microsoft-certified developer of UTM solutions in Russia. Apart from that, Traffic Inspector successfully completed Russian-based FSTEK certification process. We are confident about our future. Even with gloomy economic outlook and the expected crisis, Traffic Inspector preserves its competitive edge and is a unique software solution in our country, and what we have to do now is keeping track of and reacting to changes in legislation in a timely manner and also building new strategic partnerships. Andrei Davidovich, CEO of Smart-Soft

  • 03/26/2015   Traffic Inspector 3.0.2 Release

    The new Traffic Inspector features a PHP-based Web Portal and optimized reports. Currently available reports include: Internet usage reports (traffic by users, hourly and daily traffic, bandwidth consumption), network statistics, current connections, Web Filtering, Web Proxy, malware inspection, spam filtering reports. 

    Traffic Inspector now tracks all user attempts to access the Internet and uses that information to create user account templates. The administrator can then turn these templates into full-fledged accounts in just a couple of mouse clicks. The new mechanism will make the process of populating the program with user accounts more flexible and convenient. Preventing access to unwanted web resources is one of the classical tasks accomplished with Traffic Inspector. In the not-so-distant past, the very fact that access to a certain website was prevented was not easily obvious. 

    Traffic Inspector 3.0.2 solves this issue by displaying appropriate information via a separate tab in User Monitor facility. Traffic Inspector 3.0.2 features a new administrative “Monitor” role as part of its multi-level administrative access system. The role only provides access to the report subsystem while prohibiting access to program settings. 

    The installation file for Traffic Inspector 3.0.2 is much smaller due to the decision to remove certain components related to Traffic Inspector Anti-Virus and Traffic Inspector Anti-Spam. These components are instead downloaded on demand when a user tries to configure them via Traffic Inspector interface.

  • 12/03/2014   Traffic Inspector Recognized as Best Software for 2014
    Traffic Inspector 3.0, a comprehensive gateway solution for web access control and network security, was awarded a certificate of quality by the experts at PC Magazine/RE. Smart-Soft’s key product was also recognized during the annual BestSoft 2014 PC Magazine/RE awards ceremony.

    The goal of the BestSoft PC Magazine/RE award is to highlight new and innovative solutions in the world of IT. Traffic Inspector has been singled out by PC Magazine experts on more than one occasion. The latest award once again shows that Smart-Soft is a leader in the UTM solution market.

    The program boasts a rich feature set: web access restriction, firewall, malware protection, web proxy server, traffic accounting and billing. Traffic Inspector also offers a number of unique functions: advanced routing, integrated spam filter, ad-blocking module, social widgets and pop-up windows.
  • 10/13/2014   Smart-Soft – Microsoft-Certified Developer of UTM Solutions

    Smart-Soft, a leading vendor of network security and access control solutions, announced that it has renewed its Silver partner status for Application Development, demonstrating its consistent capability, commitment and expertise.

    The Microsoft Silver partner status for Application Development showcases the company's ability to produce Microsoft Windows 8-compatible solutions and the professionalism of its Microsoft-certified developers.

    Smart-Soft and Microsoft have built up a close partnership over the past 9 years, resulting in a series of successful Windows-based solutions for network security and Internet access control. In 2009 Smart-Soft participated in the Microsoft Partner of the Year event. Our company was honored as Partner of the Year and also received a finalist nomination in the Software Solutions in Central and Eastern Europe category. All new versions of Smart-Soft’s core product, Traffic Inspector, pass Microsoft certification to ensure seamless integration and reliable operation with the Windows family of operating systems.

  • 08/07/2014   Acronis and Smart-Soft: Strategic Partners
    Acronis, the world leader in new-generation systems for data backup, disaster recovery and mobile data security, and Smart-Soft, the Russian developer of the popular network security and web access control tool Traffic Inspector, have announced a new strategic partnership. 
    The companies are uniting core competencies to bring out an all-in-one solution for effective corporate network and data security based on Traffic Inspector and Acronis Backup. 
    With this joint project, the companies will blend teams for an integrated approach to uninterrupted, secure network access, user security, data backup and storage and system configuration.

    After a final round of meetings at Acronis headquarters in Russia, Smart-Soft CEO Andrey Davidovich was optimistic about the project’s outlook: 

    “In math, forces applied in the same direction work together and you get a vector sum, F1+F2=F3. There may not be a formula in business yet for what happens when you apply two different competencies to a problem, but we are confident that we’ll get at least ten times the results by bringing together our two companies, both with years of knowledge and experience in software development. Traffic Inspector is one of the leading solutions for network management in Russia, but our clients still need one very important piece of the security puzzle: quality backup. We analyzed the issue from all sides and decided that Acronis is the best partner for the project.”

    Sergei Malgin, Senior Country Manager for Acronis: 

    “We feel there is huge upside for Acronis in a partnership with the largest developer of internet traffic and security solutions in the Russian market. We are pleased to work with Smart-Soft because the company has a reputation for being a reliable and experienced partner. With this project, Acronis is ready to offer clients our newest data backup systems for the home and corporate user.

  • 05/21/2014   Release of Traffic Inspector Anti-Spam powered by Kaspersky
    Smart-Soft is pleased to announce the release of Traffic Inspector Anti-Spam powered by Kaspersky. Traffic Inspector Anti-Spam has been developed in association with Kaspersky Lab, one of the leading IT security vendors. The module is integrated into Traffic Inspector and provides spam detection / protection services to the main program. 

    Traffic Inspector Anti-Spam uses a range of sophisticated techniques to detect spam and unwanted email including:

    • Checking sender IP addresses in DNS-based Blackhole Lists.
    • Checking for spam URLs in the message body using the SURBL technology (Spam URI Real-time Block List).
    • Verifying senders using Sender Policy Framework (SPF).
    • Checking for typical attributes of spam messages (size, format, distorted sender address, excessive number of intended recipients, etc.).
    • Signature analysis. Checking for known spam patterns.
    • Linguistic heuristics. Scanning for words and phrases typical of spam messages.  
    • Checking for graphic spam.
    • Real-time UDS requests (Urgent Detection System).

    Traffic Inspector Anti-Spam uses KAS SDK provided by Kaspersky Lab which allows the module to achieve a 99% spam detection rate demonstrated by other Kaspersky products and reported by Virus Bulletin.

  • 04/29/2013   Top 20 IT Security Vendors

    Recently the results of the independent research “Russia’s IT Security Market” have been announced to the general public. The main goal of the research is to provide relevant information on the Russian IT software market today. For more than 8 months 13 experts studied various areas of the IT market and prepared reports independently of each other. The research includes new findings and information not previously published.

    According to the research findings, a Russian IT company Smart-Soft with its core product Traffic Inspector has made it to the Top-20 of the leading IT security vendors. Smart-Soft’s market share in 2012 was on par with that of some the well-established VPN vendors including S-Terra, McAfee, Sophos, WatchGuard. 

    Mikhail Romanov, the expert on network security systems, vulnerability and compliance management systems and two-factor authentication appliances, writes in his report: “A product called Traffic Inspector has recently caught my attention. While technically being a firewall, the program has many traffic management functions. Program developers managed to find a niche where the product can be developed without experiencing direct competition from other well-known companies (e.g. Cisco Systems). The program complements many security solutions by implementing functionality that none of them is capable of. The results are quite interesting: Smart-Soft has sold more than 55,000 copies of the software over the course of 9 years. The vendor pays a lot of attention to certification compliance (specifically, the Russian FSTEC certification process) and is constantly updating the product to include new features. The program has also been available as part of a hardware appliance for some time now. Overall, the product is a full-fledged firewall that meets all modern requirements.” 

  • 12/12/2012   Check out our new Traffic Inspector FAQ
    Wonder what you can do with Traffic Inspector? Have questions about the licensing model? Want to know how to troubleshoot the most common problems? Find answers to your questions in our FAQ!

    Our friendly FAQ will guide you as you start using Traffic Inspector. The FAQ is made up of four sections covering the most important topics: 
    • General Questions (information on Traffic Inspector, program key features and benefits)
    • Licensing and Activation (licensing options, license upgrade, updates and tech support)
    • Installation and Configuration (initial program setup and configuration)
    • Troubleshooting common problems

    Please let us know if you think of anything else that should be there, and we’ll be sure to add it. 
    If you need an answer to some advanced question that is not covered in the FAQ, please contact our tech support team at support@smart-soft.ru
  • 01/29/2011    Why You Need Traffic Inspector

    Traffic Inspector network monitoring software has a number of advantages for users:

    • Monitoring Internet traffic and network users. You can control Internet access, user activity, and internet connections, remotely manage the network and obtain detailed statistics.

    • Improved productivity for your business. You can increase employee productivity by blocking unwanted sites, ads and media content. Control the connection speed and network bandwidth and conserve traffic by assigning limits and schedules.

    • Reliable firewall. You get protection from viruses, spyware, hackers and spam with a built-in proxy server, an additional Kaspersky anti-virus module and a locking and alarm system that reacts to excessive network activity.

    Traffic Inspector is a useful tool for users who need to control their network.

  • 08/01/2010   Smart-Soft Has Started an English Version of its Website

    Smart-Soft is pleased to announce the launch of its completely new website which has been redesigned to reflect the changing needs of the company and its stakeholders. The new site provides a wealth of information for potential customers to identify products for their specific functions and applications.

    The website is designed to streamline important information and upcoming events and provides current and future customers with company information, client testimonials, product lines and much more!


Social policy and active involvement in public life are significant components of the corporate strategy at Smart-Soft. 

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