• Custom software development

    Smart-Soft offers a range of services developing custom software to meet our client’s needs.

  • Training courses for partners

    A staff of highly-skilled professional employees is essential if you want to increase profits. Smart-Soft offers a range of training courses for our partners.

  • Consulting services

    Our consulting department offers consulting services in the field of complex and integrated project development.

Custom software development

Do you need a ready-made or a customized solution? Many companies have a hard time answering this question. As enticing as it may seem, a ready-made solution may not be well suited for the specific tasks of your organization. Most ready-made products cannot solve custom tasks out-of-the-box, or they handle them ineffectively. Chances are that the ready-made product will require significant configuration efforts.

Customized software can be the first step towards an effective solution for your task. Smart-Soft, a leading Russian software vendor, offers its clients custom software development tailored to their exact specifications.

Traffic Inspector Enterprise is a prime example of customized client-oriented software development. Traffic Inspector Enterprise is a system for centralized control and management of Internet access in a corporate network consisting of geographically-dispersed branch offices. Flexible software solutions that incorporate Traffic Inspector Enterprise at their core can be built to suit our customers’ specific needs. When Russia’s postal system launched CyberPost, it successfully used Traffic Inspector Enterprise to help centrally manage a network of more than 15,000 Post Service Access Points located throughout Russia.


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Training courses for partners

"Smart-Soft" regularly conducts training courses for partners and their representatives (maintenance service, technical staff).


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We invite our partners’ sales staff and technical specialists to participate in our on-line training and certification programs.


Smart-Soft-certified specialists are well trained and prepared to provide quality sales services and technical support for Smart-Soft products. Smart-Soft certification is also a good way to boost your knowledge, enhance your professional skills, and get a better understanding of Smart-Soft products.


Consulting services

The first stage of development is to perform a technical evaluation and establish requirements. Investing the time and resources to do this stage right is vital to getting exactly what you want.


Smart-Soft does technical evaluations of future software products and their possible integration with Smart-Soft products and third-party products.


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