Stable Stream

Stable Stream (SSTP - stable stream transport protocol) is a technology for delivering real-time streaming media over the public Internet which includes the Stable Stream Transport Protocol, its reference implementation in the form of SSTP server and client components, and tools for centralized management of the streaming infrastructure.

Stable Stream uses the publicly available Internet as a universal transport for delivering media content to end-users. Our technology allows media content providers to significantly reduce operational costs while getting the ability to reach out to the audience around the globe. The service is convenient for the end users too because they can view their subscribed content wherever they are, not being tied to a particular geographical location.

What is so special about Stable Stream?

  • State-of-the-art technology for streaming media content delivery to end users around the world
  • Proprietary protocol with unique compensation algorithms
  • Robust IPTV service with minimal requirements towards end-user Internet ISP links
  • Well-documented APIs
  • Support for customization to meet the media provider needs
  • Fast deployment and ease of operation
  • Reduced cost of operation of a streaming infrastructure
  • Built-in support for accounting and billing

What are possible applications of the Stable Stream technology?

  • Possible applications of the Stable Stream technology include:
  • Worldwide Internet-based IPTV service
  • Redistribution of satellite and cable TV over the Internet
  • Implementation of a turnkey IPTV infrastructure for clients


Who can be interested in Stable Stream?

The following categories of clients may be interested in the Stable Stream technology:
  • Media content providers
  • Public broadcasters
  • Cable operators
  • End users with Smart TVs
  • Organizations whose operation involves transmission of media content (e.g. streaming CCTV cameras over the internet)


Streaming content delivery to end-users with Stable Stream



SSTP cascade tunnels, downstream server B
Dashboard on downstream server B in client mode
Tunnels between servers A and B
Source SSTP streams on upstream server A


Case Study

  • Movies at Your Fingertips
    Stable Stream helped a European mobile network operator expand service to over a million clients


    A large European mobile network operator wanted to offer its clients a new service for renting movies, music and books. The problem was that picture quality suffered during peak usage periods, especially for clients in remote locations. We suggested using the Stable Stream protocol to deliver video content from broadcast servers to end-user mobile devices. The mobile network operator was able to transfer content to over a million subscribers without losing quality.


  • Content Delivered to Your Door
    Stable Stream makes OTT television service more competitive


    A European company offering OTT television service encountered quality problems when delivering content to remote areas. We suggested using the Stable Stream protocol to transfer signals from the platform to broadcast servers. This solution ensures reliable video transfer with perfect picture quality on end-user devices. By making its product more competitive, the client was able to attract over 5,000 new subscribers in just a few months.


  • Long Distance Video
    With Stable Stream, a company expanded its reach into the regions


    A major national retail chain with stores throughout Russia launched a project to sell licensed television content for online viewing via TV plug-in or mobile device. However, the company quickly realized that it couldn’t reliably transfer high quality video content from Moscow to other regions, even nearby regions like Voronezh. By switching to Stable Stream’s transport protocol, the company was able to send video content from servers in Moscow to servers in Voronezh without any loss of quality – guaranteed. Subscribers got high quality videos, and the company improved its service while actually cutting the cost of the project.


  • Business Is Booming
    Stable Stream helps IPTV operator expand its subscriber base 50%


    A Russian regional IPTV operator wanted to expand its network and offer services to subscribers in remote areas with unstable Internet connections. However, it was not able to deliver video content to these users without loss of quality. Our specialists used the Stable Stream transport protocol to ensure trouble-free data transfer and created a new billing system for subscribers to manage their accounts online. As a result, the IPTV operator saw its subscriber numbers go up 50% as it expanded its coverage area and improved the quality of the end-user experience. The company also enjoyed significant savings on the network expansion.


  • From Russia with Content
    Broadcasting television signals from Russia to Asia without loss of quality (and without a satellite)


    An Asian cable company ran into trouble when it tried to send licensed content from Russia and Europe over the public Internet. Without a satellite connection, the resulting video quality was poor and real-time broadcasting was impossible. In order to solve the problem, our specialists used the Stable Stream protocol to create a system for transferring content from Russia to end-user plug-ins in Thailand and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Our solution ensured stable streaming of content to end users with zero loss of video quality.