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If you encounter a problem with Traffic Inspector, please send us a detailed report. You can do this by navigating to Traffic Inspector node\Context menu\Send report to tech support. Before sending a report, make sure the problem has not been fixed in a more recent version of Traffic Inspector.

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Our web forum is a good place to find information on technical issues related to our products and how to configure. The forum is full of hints and “how to” texts that can help you configure Traffic Inspector.

When you contact our tech support, please be sure to include the following information: program version and build, product ID. Our assistance will be more effective if you have a networked computer within your reach that has Traffic Inspector installed and can be used to access materials on our website to which you can be directed.


Please note that you may use Skype for voice calls only, text messages and other options are unavailable.

+7 (495) 77-55-991


Members of our tech support team answer calls from 8 AM to 6 PM UTC+3 on business days.


If you are not satisfied with our tech support service, please send a message to

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Smart-Soft welcomes any questions and comments about the company, its software products and solutions. You may contact us using this form.

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+7 (495) 77-55-991 (ext. 103)


Members of our sales department team answer calls from 8 AM to 6 PM UTC+3 on business days.