Well-designed network infrastructure is a huge boost when it comes to solving business tasks quickly and managing your business effectively.

According to a study performed for Microsoft by Ipsos, 34% of Russian companies and 30% of companies worldwide use technology to keep employees off social networks during business hours. While each company has its own reasoning, most employers are concerned that social networks eat into working time and reduce productivity.

Major goals

When building a secure network, companies seek to achieve the following goals:

  • Internet access control and employee activity monitoring

  • Increased business productivity

  • Reliable network security


Traffic Inspector deployed on a dedicated PC or server:

  • Secures the company’s network

Surfing social networks is one of the most dangerous Internet activities. Loss of intellectual property and data leaks, damage to a company’s image and virus attacks are much more common at companies that allow their employees to freely surf social networks from their work computers.

  • Saves the company’s money

If your ISP billing plan involves a pre-defined limit, then you know that exceeding that limit costs you money. You can think the same way about the wages you pay employees while they sit at work surfing the web.

  • Boosts employee productivity

Analysts from FBK Consulting estimate that in Russia, social networking by employees costs their employers between 281.7 billion and 311.5 billion rubles per year. Make allowances for inflation, exchange rate fluctuations and the rising popularity of social networks and to calculate your losses.

  • Filters spam and blocks online ads