Students access the Internet every day to find useful information, stay up-to-date on news around the world and communicate with friends. Used well, the Internet is a powerful tool for learning. But it’s no exaggeration to say that the Internet is also fraught with danger. Children can easily be exposed to content promoting pornography, prostitution, violence, war, racial and religious intolerance, drugs and alcohol. Traffic Inspector is designed to keep the Internet safe for students by shielding them from unwanted web content as they learn, surf and play.

Main Goals

What Internet security issues are schools concerned about?:

  • Safeguarding students from harmful information.

  • Filtering and blocking unwanted content websites or files.

  • Complying with legal regulations regarding access to illegal websites.

  • Protecting the school network from viruses.

  • Providing secure and managed Internet access .


With Traffic Inspector, schools can be confident that students are safe when they go online.

Traffic Inspector is an identity-based system. After installation, a user account is created for each networked computer or user on your LAN. Only users and computers that successfully authenticate are granted access to the Internet. Guest users and devices no longer have unrestricted Internet access.

Traffic Inspector allows administrators to implement effective Internet access policies that, for example, only allow traffic to / from trusted web resources, traffic that belongs to known services and trusted network protocols. Any other connection attempts are blocked.

Traffic Inspector is deployed as a border gateway for the network. Located at the entry point to the network, the software scans all the traffic it routes. Traffic Inspector Antivirus scans web traffic and disinfects files that are infected. Any malicious files that cannot be disinfected are removed. Traffic Inspector also notifies the user attempting to download the malicious file. Information about mitigated malware threats is also available as a special malware report.