Traffic Inspector Enterprise

Traffic Inspector Enterprise

Traffic Inspector Enterprise is a system for centralized control and management of Internet access in a corporate network consisting of geographically-dispersed branch offices.


The project builds on an earlier co-operative effort called Cyberpost between Smart-Soft and Russian Post. Through the Cyberpost, initiative, we gained sufficient experience building a distributed and centrally-managed network of more than 15,000 Post Service Access Points located throughout Russia. Traffic Inspector Enterprise is based on Traffic Inspector, a solution for web access control and network security for the SOHO / SMB sector.


Traffic Inspector Enterprise Benefits

  • Traffic Inspector Enterprise is a hierarchical system that includes a central management console and a network of geographically-distributed gateways

  • The management console lets administrators define and control settings for the network gateways where corporate clients connect

  • A network gateway is deployed at the point where a branch office connects to the Internet and enables network security and web access control


Traffic Inspector Enterprise Features

  • Lets you define a unified policy for all branch offices

  • Offers centralized management of network settings, antivirus protection, firewall and content filtering

  • Features a unified reporting tool that lets the head office generate and view Internet usage reports for branch offices



Network Gateway


Internet access control


The network gateway enables Internet access control for corporate network clients. When deployed, the network gateway is populated with user accounts. User import from Active Directory is supported. Users are forced to authenticate with the gateway before being granted network access. Authentication methods can be adapted to better suit the customer’s needs.


Antivirus protection


The network gateway scans web and email traffic and disinfects malware on the fly using cutting edge technologies from Kaspersky Lab. The automatic update system maintains up-to-date virus definitions and ensures reliable protection.


Рolicy-based routing


The policy-based routing feature allows traffic routing decisions to be based on various matching criteria rather than just the IP address of the destination host.


Content filtering


The network gateway lets you create effective Web Access policies for your users and block web sites. Access may be blocked by web site URL, resource reputation, access protocol, downloaded file type and more. The network gateway filters out unwanted web content such as ads and banners, pop-up windows, audio and video content.



Advanced Routing


The network gateway supports complex network topologies (VLAN, VPN), advanced routing capabilities (connection failover) and technologically-heterogeneous internet connections (dial-up, ISDN, DSL, cable, Wi-Fi).


Traffic Shaping


The network gateway implements a traffic shaping mechanism. Supported algorithms include user bandwidth limits for splitting available bandwidth between users and groups and traffic prioritization to minimize delay for critical applications (VoIP, IP telephony, videoconferencing).



Management console


  • Pushes Internet access and policy settings to downstream network gateways.

  • Centralized configuration and management of gateway security settings: firewall, antivirus, etc.

  • Gathers statistical data from gateways in remote branch offices Traffic Inspector Enterprise offers a wide range of instruments for network activity monitoring and analysis.



Our developers are ready to customize Traffic Inspector Enterprise to meet your company’s needs.


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