• Mostotrest PJSC
    Mostotrest PJSC


    Mostotrest PJSC is Russia’s first integrated and diversified holding offering a complete range of infrastructure construction services. According to industry consultant EMBS Group, it is also the Russian leader in construction of transportation infrastructure as measured by revenue from projects completed in-house.

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  • Zelenostroy LLC
    Zelenostroy LLC


    Every business owner wants their company to grow, be profitable and work effectively. One of the prerequisites of a company success is professional and hardworking employees. However, statistics show that not all employees are honest and fair. Some of them spend 50% of their office hours hanging out on social networking sites, downloading movies and watching Youtube videos, etc. Employees do not do their job and that undermines the company’s efficiency and leads to lost profits. That explains why most employers are inclined to consider Internet access control a necessary evil, even though the subject itself causes a lot of debate.

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  • The State Borodino War and History Museum and Reserve
    The State Borodino War and History Museum and Reserve


    The Borodino Museum employs a staff of more than 200 people and its computer network comprises approximately 50 workstations. In the future, the network is expected to expand to accommodate new users and workstations.

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  • Yakutia Airlines
    Yakutia Airlines


    These days it's hard to imagine a functioning company that doesn't use computers and the Internet. For aviation in particular, IT goes beyond just commercial operations: it affects end-user perceptions of products and services. These experiences of end users directly impact passenger loyalty.

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